Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sarah, Plain and Tall

Another sweet series we read and then watched the movies of, is Sarah, Plain and Tall.  This is a rare case where I enjoyed the movies as much as the books... maybe more.  The books are thin but the story is a good one, telling about how a woman from Maine, answers an ad from a widower in KS who is looking for a wife/mother for his kids.  Sounds kinda creepy, but it's not.  Set at the turn of the century, it is a touching, heartwarming family book/movie series.   If I had to choose between the books or the movies, I'd choose the movies.  The three titles for the series are "Sarah, Plain and Tall", "Skylark" and "Winter's End",  and I believe they can all be found at the library.   It is so difficult to find appropriate, family films that I was thrilled to offer these up for Family Movie Night 3 weeks in a row!



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