Sunday, October 11, 2015

Celebrating Autumn


By Edgar Guest

Days are gettin' shorter an' the air a keener snap;
Apples now are droppin' into Mother Nature's lap;
The mist at dusk is risin' over valley, marsh an' fen
An' it's just as plain as sunshine, winter's comin' on again.

The turkeys now are struttin' round the old farmhouse once more;
They are done with all their nestin', and their hatchin' days are o'er;
Now the farmer's cuttin' fodder for the silo towerin' high
An' he's frettin' an' complainin' 'cause the corn's a bit too dry.

But the air is mighty peaceful an' the scene is good to see,
An' there's somethin' in October that stirs deep inside o' me;
An' I just can't help believin' in a God above us, when
Everything is ripe for harvest an the frost is back again.

By Edgar Guest

Apples on the table an' the grate-fire blazin' high,
Oh, I'm sure the whole world hasn't any happier man than I;
The Mother sittin' mendin' little stockin's, toe an' knee,
An' tellin' all that's happened through the busy day to me:
Oh, I don't know how to say it, but these cosy autumn nights
Seem to glow with true contentment an' a thousand real delights.

The dog sprawled out before me knows that huntin' days are here,
'Cause he dreams and seems to whimper that a flock o' quail are near;
An' the children playin' checkers till it's time to go to bed,
Callin' me to settle questions whether black is beatin' red;
Oh, these nights are filled with gladness, an' I puff my pipe an' smile,
An' tell myself the struggle an' the work are both worth while.

The flames are full o' pictures that keep dancin' to an' fro,
Bringin' back the scenes o' gladness o' the happy long ago,
An' the whole wide world is silent an' I tell myself just this--
That within these walls I cherish, there is all my world there is!
Can I keep the love abiding in these hearts so close to me,
An' the laughter of these evenings, I shall gain life's victory.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Fall is Here!

Fall is here!  I love this time of year... the crisp air, the cooler breeze, the chilly mornings, the cozy evenings, the beauty of the foliage around the area.  The only thing I'm not too keen on is that it signals the coming of winter, which is sometimes a little hard for me, even after 20 years.  As I've said before, you can take the girl out of Southern California, but you can't take all of So Cal out of the girl. : )
   We are attempting to get into a rhythm for our school schedule, but as usual we find that a bit of a challenge. My oldest dd has only 2 years of formal homeschool left, and I know how fast those years fly, and there is still so much I want to tell her and share with her and pour into her heart.  I realize that technically that role doesn't end abruptly upon formal graduation, but I also know that things do "change" and the teaching role we have as parents definitely changes.
    So I looked at the crazy busy schedule looming before us this year, and realized that not only did it gobble up so much of our precious time at home together, but I had literally overbooked myself to the point of having to admit that we just couldn't do it all.  So after much prayer and soul searching and reevaluating, I dropped some things, (even some worthy things!), rearranged others, consolidated some and regrouped on the home front to allow more time to be ... home. (There's a concept!)
   Even with those adjustments, we are still busier than I'd prefer, but at least we have a little wiggle room for the unexpected and a slightly emptier calendar each week, which translates to more time available to accomplish our educational and family goals.  At least that's the plan. : )
    I'm thankful to the Lord for His faithful guidance as we seek His face and His plan for our families.  Sometimes I get so busy with my own agenda and schedule that I find it difficult to hear His voice.  But as I a slow down, and wait upon Him, He always comes through, leading us, guiding us, teaching us. It's not always the answer I am hoping for, and it's not always in my preferred timing, but as I follow His lead, I'm reassured by the peace that replaces the stress.
   Anyone relate?  I pray you are getting into a comfortable schedule that meets the needs of your family.  And I encourage you to reevaluate if necessary and be prepared to change directions or clear your schedule or hunker down and plow full speed ahead... just be obedient in whatever the Lord is guiding you to do.