Saturday, May 10, 2014


 Two beautiful poems by Edgar Guest to honor motherhood this weekend.  Both make me thankful for the sweet mother God blessed my life with.  And both inspire me to be that kind of mother to my children. 


Let every day be Mother's Day!
Make roses grow along her way
And beauty everywhere.
Oh, never let her eyes be wet
With tears of sorrow or regret,
And never cease to care!
Come, grown up children, and rejoice
That you can hear your mother's voice!

A day for her! For you she gave
Long years of love and service brave;
For you her youth was spent.
There was no weight of hurt or care
Too heavy for her strength to bear;
She followed where you went;
Her courage and her love sublime
You could depend on all the time.

No day or night she set apart
On which to open wide her heart
And welcome you within;
There was no hour you would not be
First in her thought and memory,
Though you were black as sin!
Though skies were gray or skies were blue
Not once has she forgotten you.

Let every day be Mother's Day!
With love and roses strew her way,
And smiles of joy and pride!
Come, grown up children, to the knee
Where long ago you used to be
And never turn aside;
Oh, never let her eyes grow wet
With tears, because her babes forget.

  By Edgar Guest



She never closed her eyes in sleep till we were all in bed;
On party nights till we came home she often sat and read.
We little thought about it then, when we were young and gay,
How much the mother worried when we children were away.
We only knew she never slept when we were out at night,
And that she waited just to know that we'd come home all right.

Why, sometimes when we'd stayed away till one or two or three,
It seemed to us that mother heard the turning of the key;
For always when we stepped inside she'd call and we'd reply,
But we were all too young back then to understand just why.
Until the last one had returned she always kept a light,
For mother couldn't sleep until she'd kissed us all good night.

She had to know that we were safe before she went to rest;
She seemed to fear the world might harm the ones she loved the best.
And once she said: "When you are grown to women and to men,
Perhaps I'll sleep the whole night through; I may be different then."
And so it seemed that night and day we knew a mother's care--
That always when we got back home we'd find her waiting there.

Then came the night that we were called to gather round her bed:
"The children all are with you now," the kindly doctor said.
And in her eyes there gleamed again the old-time tender light
That told she had been waiting just to know we were all right.
She smiled the old-familiar smile, and prayed to God to keep
Us safe from harm throughout the years, and then she went to sleep.

By Edgar Guest

Thursday, May 8, 2014

When God Ran, By Benny Hester

I wanted to share this video of one of my favorite songs, When God Ran, by Benny Hester (I know I'm dating myself, badly!). So often we think of our response to God when we are not obeying Him. But this song, like the Bible passage on the prodigal, reminds me of God's heart towards me. It is so humbling. And as a parent, it reminds me of how my attitude should be towards my children when they disappoint.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Mom Song - Happy Mother's Day

For a fun look at the day in the life of motherhood...  : )  

(Be sure and click the little box in the lower right of the screen to expand the video to "full screen" size.  When done, push the Escape "Esc" button on the top left of your keyboard.)

Homeschooling: Preparing for Life

Thinking of homeschooling?  Need reminders about why you decided to homeschool in the first place?  Take less than 15 minutes to watch this encouraging video. 

You Can Homeschool series by HSLDA

You Can Homeschool, By HSLDA
   If you are considering homeschooling ( or considering quitting homeschooling!) these short videos offer some reminders and encouragement as you make or commit to this important decision for your family.

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