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Hey Moms!...  This is a page for you to find resources to help with the weariness and intimidation and sense of failure that can sometimes creep into our homeschool journey.

Honestly, one of the best things you can do to resist those feelings and to find rich encouragement along the way, is to READ for yourself.  I know it seems we never have enough time to set aside, but this is one thing you really must find a way to do.   Even though we don't have large blocks of time, we can read in snippets, and you'll be amazed at how much reading you get done.  (Tip:  Put homeschool reading material in your bathroom and create your private "mom library" there.)  Whether you tuck a book or magazine in your bag for appts., or carve out a little computer time every few evenings to read homeschool blogs, or use my little tip about creating your private library in your bathroom, you CAN find a little time to read for the encouragement and knowledge we all need to either get started, stay the course, or finish the journey.

  By reading homeschool  magazines, articles, blogs, and books on a regular basis, you will breathe life into your homeschooling, find encouragement from other homeschool moms that are in the trenches with you, get fresh ideas and perspective, and stay current on curriculum and resources available. 

  Below are a few lists (not exhaustive, of course!), of blogs, books and magazines for you to work through.  Many books can be checked out or requested at your local library.  Several magazines have free digital subscriptions, and most have apps for your smart phone, so you can read on the go.  And if you find one of the blogs really minister to you, check for a place to sign up to be notified each time they post.  Most offer a place to subscribe so you can read their thoughts regularly. 

    These are websites and resources that will be helpful to newbies who are just starting or even to those a little further along. 

Homeschool Bootcamp - At this site, Tina has done a great job of organizing all the topics that a new homeschool mom should work through.  Honestly, I could have written a lot of these suggestions myself, which is why I would highly recommend reading through this.  Even if you are not brand new to homeschooling, you will find a lot of great tips and nuggets of wisdom at her site.

The Unlikely Homeschooler - Great site with lots of helpful info. for both newbies and beyond.

Top 10 Dos and Don'ts for new homeschoolers - by Jamie at The Unlikely Homeschooler blog.

Homeschool 101 - free digital back issue from TOS magazine - Excellent articles to get started in homeschooling.


Homeschool Magazines - I can't stress enough, the benefit of receiving and reading a homeschool magazine.  This is one of the best ways to get familiar with the nuts and bolts of homeschooling and to develop a solid position and philosophy regarding homeschooling and education in general. 
    There are several excellent magazines to choose from, and many offer a free sample, by request.  Visit the websites below to get an idea of the magazine content, or to request a sample or to subscribe.   Also, all of these websites have excellent articles, blogs and homeschool helps readily available, so enjoy looking and be blessed.
  •  Homeschool Enrichment  - A favorite, containing excellent articles on Biblical child training and homeschooling.  A great Christian magazine that is such an encouragement . Affordable and worth subscribing to.
  • The Old Schoolhouse  - A really good magazine with practical homeschool help, and lots of encouragement for the many diverse methods and seasons of homeschooling.   This magazine is now available in digital format only .  Visit their website to view a sample and learn more. Also you can read it as a free app on your phone. 
  • Homeschool 101 - free digital back issue from TOS magazine - Excellent articles to get started in homeschooling.
  •  Homeschool Digest -  This magazine is filled with "meaty" articles on family discipleship, homeschooling, and Christian living. 
  •  Homeschooling Today -  has lots of practical articles by homeschool veterans, like Ruth Beechick and many others. 


BLOGS to Explore and Enjoy

7 Sisters Homeschool - A group of Christian, "retired" homeschool moms sharing lots of helps and resources for college prep and high school courses and more.
Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus - Tina Robertson
The Unlikely Homeschooler
How to Homeschool My Child - Kerry Beck
Moments With Mother Culture - Karen Andreola
Encouraging Beautiful Motherhood - Misty Krasawski
The Unlikely Homeschool
The Bates Family - An enjoyable and inspiring website from the Bates family.  This is the same family from TV, who are friends of the Duggars.  This link is to their homeschool resources page, but you can check more of the site.
I Take Joy - Sally Clarkson
Mom Heart - Sally Clarkson
Teaching Good Things
Sam's Noggin - Faith, Family, Homeschool & Fitness
Simply Sweet Home - Organizing & cleaning tips (Not particularly Christian, and the only reason I listed it here, was for some organizing tips.)
Stacy Makes Cents - Frugal, homeschool mom - I mainly like her crockpot ideas








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