Great Resources

Below you can click on links to recommended resources.  We hope you will find them helpful.   You'll find everything from testing, homeschool magazines, homeschool methods & resources, online course options and  a few curriculum sources.  For specific curriculum favorites and recommendations, by subject and age/grade, click this CURRICULUM link or the tab across the top of this page.  

Testing & Tutoring Services

Qualifying Courses
  • From Karen A. - Interested parents should call Marilyn - 279-6020 - for registration.
  • By Ruth W. & Amber M. - This course will satisfy the Washington State Certification option to use a course on Home Based Instruction, commonly called a Qualifying Course and is approved by Triune Biblical University. This course is also excellent for those who qualify with a different option but want a strong introduction to homeschool basics. You are welcome to invite fellow homeschoolers by forwarding this email or sharing our contact info.            Contact: Ruth Wagley at 466-5104 or for more info. or to register. 

Homeschool Magazines - I can't stress enough, the benefit of receiving and reading a homeschool magazine.  This is one of the best ways to get familiar with the nuts and bolts of homeschooling and to develop a solid position and philosophy regarding homeschooling and education in general. 
    There are several excellent magazines to choose from, and many offer a free sample, by request.  Visit the websites below to get an idea of the magazine content, or to request a sample or to subscribe.   Also, all of these websites have excellent articles, blogs and homeschool helps readily available, so enjoy looking and be blessed.
  • The Old Schoolhouse  - A "Top Pick", must read magazine with practical homeschool help from a Christian perspective, and lots of encouragement for the many diverse methods and seasons of homeschooling.  If you read only one homeschool resource this should be it!  This magazine is now available in a monthly  digital format only, as well as a beautiful, annual print version.  Highly recommended.  Visit their website to view a sample and learn more. 
  •  Homeschool Enrichment  -  contains helpful articles on Biblical child training and homeschooling.  A great Christian magazine that is an encouragement .
  • Homeschool 101 - free digital back issue from TOS magazine - Excellent articles to get started in homeschooling.
  •  Homeschool Digest -  This magazine is filled with "meaty" articles on family discipleship, homeschooling, and Christian living. 
  •  Homeschooling Today -  has lots of practical articles by homeschool veterans, like Ruth Beechick and many others. 

Bible & Spiritual Growth

Homeschooling Methods and Resources

Start with reading about the different methods, then see below that for a few examples of curriculum and resources that work well with the different methods.
Some examples of curriculum and resources that work well with different methods.  Also, click on the method title for more information on that specific style.  Often homeschool catalogs or publishers will identify their curriculum according to teaching style or method.
  • Eclectic - This is probably the most common "method" of homeschooling, especially for those who have been at it even a short while.  There may be a few definitions, but most commonly it refers to parents utilizing several different approaches, for different subjects. For instance, we might use a textbook for math and grammar, lots of real books for history, videos/dvds for writing courses, nature notebooks along with our science studies, lapbooks on any subject we want to study in depth, and copywork for handwriting practice.   
  • Traditional/Textbook/School-at-Home - Abeka , Bob Jones University Press (BJUP) , Christian Liberty Press , Rod and Staff
  • Unit Studies - Five in a Row Tapestry of Grace , Homeschool in the Woods , Amanda Bennet , Lapbooking , My Father's World , Konos  Notebooking
  • Literature approach  - Sonlight , Beautiful Feet Books , Five in a Row , Living Literature ,
  • Charlotte Mason -  Queen Homeschool ,  Ambleside Online
  • Classical -  I appreciate Harvey & Laurie Bluedorn's approach to "Christian homeschooling in a Classical Style".  You will find inspiration and a lot of good information on educational philosophies in their book, Teaching the Trivium .  If you are just wanting to explore the classical method of teaching or if you are wanting some real How To advice, this is one of the best resources out there.  See their helpful site, Trivium Pursuit, here .  And you can read a review by Cathy Duffy.  Also see Tapestry of Grace , Veritas Press .
  • Relaxed Homeschooling -  This link takes you to a great interview with Dr. Mary Hood, who was one of the first to use this term as applied to Christian homeschooling.  It provides a great overview of relaxed homeschooling and is worth a read for sure.  In a nutshell, Relaxed Homeschooling is more of a mindset where parents embrace their roles as teaching parents in a family, rather than principals and teachers in a school.  I think many homeschoolers, regardless of which method or approach they use, benefit from much of the mindset.  God made families. People made schools. 
  • Roadschooling - Families on the Road - A website dedicated to homeschool families who want to educate from their "RV" while traveling the country or state.
  • Unschooling - This is a term that can be misleading.  In all of my over 20 years of homeschooling, I have never met an Unschooler who didn't do any school. Quite the contrary, in fact.  And like most other terms given to the different methods, it can have some diversity in how it is implemented.  But generally, it refers to a relaxed approach that is driven by the interest of the student, rather than the timeline of a curriculum publisher.  Subjects are explored, as in depth as parents decide, based on interest, ability or delight of their student, often using some resources that fall under a Unit Study approach.

Homeschool Helps and Info.
  • The Three R's by Ruth Beechick - excellent book that takes the spook and intimidation out of teaching our own children, especially grades K - 3, but every new homeschooler should read this book.  Often available at your local library.
  • Book it Reading Incentive Program -  Sponsored by Pizza Hut.  Students receive free personal pan pizza, Oct. - March, for completing monthly reading goals set by parents.   Families must register individually (clicking on the link above will take you to the website) by a deadline ( usually around Sept.1, but they do accept late registration, as long as pizza coupons are available.)   Grades K- 6.
  • Northwest Homeschool Group - How To's and lots more info.

Online Courses
  • - Great resource for online learning.  The Old Schoolhouse folks have put together an amazing online resource for homeschool families.  Literally dozens of classes, for all ages, in a large variety of subjects, all for a very reasonable monthly or annual fee.  They also offer special discount opportunities so get on their mailing list to be aware of those. 
  • Apologia Online Academy- Science classes done online with Apologia
  • Monarch - Online/web-based courses from Alpha Omega.   Quite affordable. Multiple ages.  Read Cathy Duffy's review here .
  • Liberty University Online Courses for High Schoolers
  • Bob Jones Distance Learning - Several options... online classes, dvd courses (leased, not purchased) and hard drive (leased, not purchased).  At first seems a bit pricey, but when thinking of a typical course that homeschoolers would pay for their high schooler to participate in, the breakdown of approx. $30 a month isn't really so much.   A welcome option for completing some of those tricky courses, like foreign language or literature for the college bound high school student.
  • The Jubilee Academy - Christian online accredited homeschool program.

COLLEGE BOOKS... Campus Book Rentals - This a company that you can rent college textbooks at a huge discount compared to purchasing them through the college.  We saved hundreds of dollars over the course of 5 years.  Simple to register and use, great customer service, free shipping - both directions.  I can think of no negatives. 

  • Homeschool Classifieds - This is a site where homeschoolers buy and sell used and sometimes new curriculum  I have been using it for years, and have never had any problems with honesty and such matters.  You can often find curriculum as much as 50% off, so search their site for desired resources.
  • Christian Book Distributors (CBD) - Discounted books and resources, sometimes significantly less expensive. From their website request a "Homeschool Catalog" or shop online.  
  • Rainbow Resource
  • Timberdoodle - Lots of educational toys as well as a nice variety of curriculum with detailed reviews.  One of the pioneer homeschool resource catalogs.
  • Excellence in Education
  • Northwest Homeschool Group - Lots of resources and links for all ages.

BOOK, BOOKS, BOOKS… The following are catalogs that I consider multi purpose. Some are literature based curriculums, and in addition to ordering curriculum or books directly from the catalog, I sometimes use the recommended book lists to either purchase individual titles or check out from the library. Most have books listed by age/grade level, and most give a pretty good blurb about the story and content to help determine if it is a good fit for our family. Do be careful though… just because a book is listed in a “trusted” Christian catalog, does not always mean it is well suited reading material for your children. Sometimes the content is too mature or a theme we are not interested in reading about. So again, be a faithful gatekeeper and make well informed choices.
Even if you are not interested in doing a complete curriculum through these companies, sometimes we like to do just one subject, like history or science or reading, based on their suggestions. You can request a catalog at each website.
  • Sonlight Curriculum  - Literature based curriculum for most subjects.
  • Beautiful Feet Books- Beautiful Feet Books. Literature based history curriculum.
  • Abeka Books- Abeka books is a publisher for private Christian schools, that also markets products to the home school community. A good catalog to have, and a solid textbook approach for each subject.
  • Queen Homeschool   - Queen Homeschool products ( by Sandi Queen). This company offers nice curriculum that follows a Charlotte Mason approach, such as beautiful copy work books and reading books.
  • Pathway Readers - Sweet and wholesome reading series with an emphasis on home, family, farm and Bible, by Rod and Staff publisher.
  • Rod and Staff - In addition to the Pathway Readers above, Rod and Staff also offers affordable curriculum for many subjects. While their materials will not wow you with colorful illustrations, the content is often quite rich.