Sunday, December 15, 2013


Looking for something that will write on the heart of your preschool - early elem. children or grandchildren?   These books do an amazing job of that!  Each over-sized volume has several stories in it, so you are really purchasing a small library of Bible stories (there are approx. 160 pages per volume!)  I know we all have Bible stories on our shelf, but these are really special.  At first glance, they are not the type of illustrations that I am normally drawn to.  I love beautiful, realistic illustrations.  These are large, and somewhat abstract... but kids are drawn them to them!   And the simple story style of the author, Ella K. Lindvall, is rich, informative and engaging.  My children asked for them literally, over and over and over...   I have read these books to my children for 20 years, and I was so glad to see them still available.  Since my children have finally outgrown them, mine have gone safely into my "Grandma Box", to bless the heart of the next generation.  I highly recommend you get a set while you still can.  You can read more about them or purchase them at at CBD (Christian Book Distributors) .

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