Monday, September 24, 2012

Plans for the new school year... Lord Willing, And the Creek Don't Rise!

   We have finally started back to school, after a delay due to travel to visit our elderly, sick grandma.    I have had a difficult time feeling "ready" this year and part of that is because it has taken me awhile to get my list written out and ordered.
     I thought I would share what we are "planning" on working on this year.  Again, these are my plans... who knows where the Lord will actually lead us.   As my friend and I were discussing, we make our plans, but with the stipulation, "Lord willin', and the creek don't rise!".  
     Perhaps some of you would like to comment and share what your schedule looks like this year.  I am always encouraged and inspired by seeing what others are doing.  Remember, this is no contest or comparison...just a chance to get some ideas.

  •  Math - Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 & Math 5
  •  Bible - Answers in Genesis &  Hero Tales
  •  Science - Christian Kids Explore Chemistry & Apologia General Science
  •  Language -
           ~ Abeka Grammar  ( strongly considered Rod & Staff English or Shurley English, but guess we'll revisit those options for next year?). 
           ~ Abeka Read & Think ( Reading Comprehension)
           ~ Daily Grams
           ~ Penmanship (Italic and general  copywork)
           ~ IEW Spelling
           ~ IEW Writing - Student Intensive Writing, level A.  Planning to move quickly through first several units, and then switch to IEW Narnia Study.
  • Typing ( computer program - Typing Instructor)
  • Geography - Evan-Moore Daily Geography
  • Geography - Beautiful Feet Geography Maps and Literature
  • History - Finish Literature study of 1800's - pioneers, Civil War, Alamo - by reading books on the topics and reading Little House series.  Hope to finish by Thanksgiving, and then start Ancients with Mystery of History, I think.
  • Music - Piano lessons
  • Reading & Read Alouds - working from a list of historical fiction and classics  that I compile from catalogs such as Sonlight and Veritas Press ( I often check out titles from library, or pull from my already stocked shelf), as well as a few series dds enjoy, like Sisters in Time, American Girl selections, & Trailblazer Books.  
  • PE - Homeschool Tennis lessons
    I've probably forgotten to list something important, but this is what I can think of now.   Anyone else feel like posting their list?  

    You can post as a comment.  Or, if you are receiving this by email, click on the gray words "CHEE BEE" in the left corner of your email, and it should take you directly to the blog page where you can comment.   : )


  1. We have quite a library of Trailblazers if you wanted to borrow some. Also the "Ivan" series, which I think your girls would enjoy. :-)
    That's a series by Myrna Grant set in Moscow during the communist era. Good stuff!

    1. We love Trailblazers and the other sounds like a great series. We'll have to connect soon. Thanks for the generous offer to share. : )

  2. Hi! Our children are years apart, but I'm taking notes on this for the future! :) Here's our list:

    1. Hi Heather,
      Enjoyed your list and your blog. That creative apple sure doesn't fall far from the creative tree! You get it honest... "from your mama's side of the house", as my Arkansas relatives like to say. : ) Nice list of books and curriculum, and yes, even if we "can" completely create our own curriculum, there are seasons when we just don't have the time or energy to re-invent the wheel for every subject. Thank you for sharing the link! : )