Sunday, September 30, 2012

Home Education Journal... a great blog!

    In case you didn't read the comments to my previous post about our school plans for the year, I wanted to post this LINK to a great blog, "Home Education Journal".   Even though my children are older I was still inspired and motivated by her wonderful ideas for teaching many different subjects.   If you are looking for some fresh ideas for teaching your elementary aged children, do yourself a favor and spend some time reading through many of the posts  HERE .   She goes into interesting details of how she implements several different curriculum resources, and gives links to many online/free resources, so there is plenty of inspiration and guidance if you are looking for either.    As a veteran homeschooler, it is encouraging to me to know that there is someone like this author out there, and to see that baton passed to a new generation of homeschoolers ( by the way, the author was homeschooled herself, by one of our CHEE moms!). 

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