Monday, June 4, 2012


    We just watched this film, and it was such a great story.  It is based on a true story, and was very engaging and heartwarming.  I rarely recommend movies to others, because there is so much diversity regarding what is appropriate.  But I think this film was such that I can pretty much say it shouldn't offend.  And personally, I find it SOOO  hard to find anything for my "tweens" to watch, that I am always thankful for a recommendation for a movie that we can enjoy as a family. 
      However, there is a short dialog where a father is explaining some of the spiritual beliefs of certain Indian tribes, and a girl is commenting on  "how smart dolphins are... some think even smarter than humans."  ( I paused it here, and we talked about how people are created in God's image, etc.)
      Also, at the end of movie, they show footage of the real people interacting with the real dolphin (who is also in the movie), and I didn't pay alot of attention, but the music might not be appreciated by all ( but you can always push mute).
   Anyway... this is definitely a movie worth considering.

But don't take my opinion...  Here is plugged-in's  Review

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