Sunday, August 19, 2012

You Might Be Homeschooled If...

You Might Be Home Schooled If ...
  • you never get "snow days" off
  • "P.E." includes yard work
  • you've ever been in more than three grades at once
  • all the signatures on your graduation diploma end with the same last name
  • after your first year in college, the academic dean keeps asking, "Are there any more at home like you?"
  • your extracurricular activities take more time than your academics
  • your teacher has ever come to school in her pajamas
  • your family has the national average of 2.5 each bedroom!
  • you get your high school diploma BEFORE you get your driver's license
  • your 15-passenger van contains more kids than the passing school bus
  • your first real date is on your honeymoon
  • your Home Economics class transitions smoothly into married life
  • denim is a primary color
  • your grade and your age have ever matched
  • you NEVER get to use the "1-10 items" Express Lane in the grocery store
  • you feel sorry for the over socialized public school kids
  • you consider school work after lunch to be cruel and unusual punishment
  • you have to move dirty laundry off your desk before you can study
  • the only questions you missed on the ACT were the ones dealing with "the late Cretaceous Period."
  • your answering machine gets the phone more than you do
  • the term "Anglo-Saxon" makes you think of your geometry book
  • your mom can turn ANYTHING into an object lesson illustrating your current assignment
  • the Home School Channel is the only channel allowed in your house
  • the ACLU is considered a four-letter word in your house
  • you think public school looks a whole lot like prison
  • you consider loss of reading privileges to be the most drastic form of punishment
  • you could win a science fair by summarizing your plenteous experience in removing stains from clothing
  • you have changed FAR more diapers than the average day care worker
  • your yearbook is also your baby book
  • you can actually read your diploma when you graduate
  • your four-year-old brother can answer the socialization question
  • you have so many baby sitting requests that you form a referral company

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