Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Email for CHEE

CHEE Families,

   Just wanted to let members know that our email crashed and the CHEE contact list was completely lost.  We have been rebuilding that email contact list for the last few weeks.  Hopefully, you will receive an email from CHEE in the next week or so, with details about Reading Is The Ticket and other announcements.  Please note that future emails will most likely come from a different email address than previous emails from CHEE.

     I had a printed copy of most members' email addresses, but not all and therefore I am unable to recover some of your email addresses.  So, if a week or two goes by and you don't receive any email from me, please send an email to the address found on all previous email correspondence from CHEE, requesting to be added again to the CHEE contact list.

  I apologize for any inconvenience, and am doing my best to get things fixed ASAP.  Also, please let others know of this situation, and encourage them to send an email to that same email address.  For privacy reasons, that email address is not being disclosed on this site, but can be found on old emails that you have received from me/CHEE in the past.   Thank you for your understanding.

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