Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day 2016

     I'd like to share some thoughts on motherhood.   I know I've addressed this before, but I can't help but mention a few things regarding Mother's Day.  While it is a very special day, I am aware that it also can be a painful day.  For many of us, Mother's Day can be shadowed by grief regarding the loss of our own sweet mothers or mother-in-laws, or the longing to be a mother or have more children.   I have experienced both.  Or perhaps a season of a prodigal child brings pain to "Mother's Day".   The Lord has met me in my place of sorrow and longing and He has reminded me that He sees my pain and has given me joy in the midst of it and answered many motherhood prayers.  For those in a wounded place this year, I pray you will hear His voice as well. 
    We are adoptive parents as well as biological, so I have experienced both gifts of motherhood.  For those adoptive parents out there, I want to celebrate with you, the special miracle of adoption.  It seems normal that we would love our bio children beyond measure.  But adoption is this amazing other miracle of loving a child not born to us, just as if they were!  In addition to the gift of motherhood, adoption gives us a glimpse of God's love toward us, as He adopted us into His family.  He has been faithful over and over and I pray we each feel His presence and peace as we celebrate both our own mothers and the blessing and privilege of motherhood.
    As I mentioned, I am one of those "not so fertile Myrtles". For many years, that was understandably a painful part of my life. Then God blessed me with the GIFT of motherhood. He happened to do that through a pregnancy, and gave us our son. ( He could have given me that GIFT through an adoption... but that was to be a later GIFT!).
Having spent many years longing to be a mommy, I milked it for all it was worth. I was in no hurry to potty train. And I nursed him so long, I thought I was going to be nominated to be the president of the Leche League . : )  ... just kidding... it was actually only about a year and a half... a little long, but well within "normal limits". : ) But I knew I might never have the chance again to enjoy this season, so I took it slow. That is still my motto... while I enjoy and celebrate the milestones and growth of my kids, I am in no hurry to see them grow up too quickly. I enjoy them so much, I often wish I could just stop the clock!
   I enjoyed every minute ( both the hectic and tranquil) of motherhood, savoring my time with my little guy, not wanting to hurry through any of it. When we began thinking about school, I didn't know just how it worked, but I knew I was going to homeschool. Among other factors, there was no way I was going to miss out on spending all those hours in a day with my child.
    The Lord didn't open my womb again, but He did open the door for adoption, and gave us our 2 darling daughters. My cup runneth over! I found myself thanking the Lord for the "gift" of infertility!! As a result of that condition, I have the 2 children that He planned just for me, and they are a perfect fit. For many years, I prayed for the "miracle of healing from infertility", but the Lord had the "miracle of motherhood through adoption" planned for me instead... who knew!? What a good God, and we can trust Him. "For I know the plans I have for you... ".
    Like all moms, I have crazy days that seem overwhelming, and I get weary, overwhelmed or side tracked and my joy can be diminished when I lose sight of the incredible blessing and honor of motherhood. On those occasions, when I examine the cause, it usually lies with me. My priorities are askew, and I am not devoting my time to my role of wife and mother. When I seek the Lord, asking forgiveness for allowing myself to become distracted, He restores my vision for my family, helps me reset my priorities to reflect my heart's desire for my family, and renews my strength and my joy.  God is always faithful to give us what we need.
   And now, here I am in a new season of motherhood.  I am a mother-in-law. And I have much to learn before I can write in depth about this new role.  But I've already learned that not only does this add a sweet new daughter for me to love (and I do!), it changes my relationship with my son forever, in a way that God designed, so I know I can look forward to the many blessings that will come from this new chapter in our lives. 
   I am so grateful for the Blessing of motherhood. Sometimes we tell our kids that the hardest day with them, is still waaaaaay better than the easiest day before them. They complete us. I can't imagine my life without my children... each one Hand picked by the Father, and given to us as a treasure to enjoy.
A lifetime won't be long enough. 

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