Monday, October 27, 2014

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

I love to talk homeschooling and I'm happy to share any information or opinion that others might find helpful.  Sometimes a friend will joke that I'm the one to ask because I am familiar with many names... curriculum, authors, book titles, etc.  But the truth is that I really don't personally know "so much" about homeschooling.  There are many other veteran homeschoolers out there that can also offer valuable advice and counsel regarding homeschooling.   I just read a lot about homeschooling and through that I glean a lot of general information (as well as specific info. that is helpful to my personal journey).  By reading a homeschool publication like The Old Schoolhouse magazine, I read reviews on a variety of curriculum options, encouraging articles written by dedicated, veteran homeschoolers with much wisdom to share, even ads that acquaint me with resources I might want to try or recommend.  Some have said they don't have the time to read (isn't that what bathrooms are for?) or that they get overwhelmed with so much information.  But I have found that I can learn and retain a lot from reading in small snippets of time, and that is a good use of those small snippets.

One of the benefits of reading many homeschool resources is that you gain a sense of confidence.  You feel "in the know" and informed and that is the opposite of feeling lost and unsure.  Also, by reading the resources out there, God can use those tools to direct your family's home education and discipleship.  I'm always happy to share my thoughts, but it is impossible to pass on oodles of information in a conversation or two.  So I often recommend that homeschoolers read and read and read for themselves, not because I mind having the conversation... not at all!  But our time is limited and I want to see homeschoolers equipped for the journey.  Reading homeschool publications is a good way to do that.

   The Old Schoolhouse magazine is only available in digital format now and you can visit any day to read their digital magazine, which is loaded with useful and helpful information.  They also publish a large, annual print magazine, for those of us who still prefer to bend corners and flip through real pages.   One of the best ways to grow as a homeschooler is to read the resources God has provided for us. Here is the link to their Sept./Oct. digital issue… check it out HERE .

FREE APP - TOS (The Old Schoolhouse) magazine has a free app available. I don’t have a ton of down time, but when I do, it is quite handy to just click, browse and read many helpful articles. So go to your app store and type in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and get your free app today.   Gotta make that technology work for us! : )

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