Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy Resurrection Day!

Below are a few videos of some of my favorite songs that celebrate the resurrection of our Savior.  They are performed by Keith Green and Don Francisco.

 I hope they minister to you too.  For some, they will bring back rich memories of a special time in Christian music.

    Keith Green was a powerful part of the Jesus Movement in the 1970's.  Along with two of his children, he was killed in a plane crash at 28 years old .  He was full of much conviction and had a passion for telling others about Jesus.  You can learn more about his ministry here .
   Don Francisco was also a strong voice in the Christian music community during the 70's & 80's.  He and his wife, Mary (from Wendy & Mary) still minister today.


                                  The Easter Song, by Keith Green

  Too Small a Price, by Don Francisco
From their website...
Don Francisco's music has always focused on the forgiveness of a loving God. Don is known worldwide for his ballads written from the point of view of Bible characters who were surprised by God's grace. His best known song, "He's Alive", is written from the point of view of Peter just after the crucifixion of Jesus. "Too Small A Price" is another powerful song written from the point of view of the thief on the cross who slowly comes to realize that he is being crucified next to the Messiah.
This song has two parts.  The first is the story of the thief as mentioned above.  The second part is what is happening with the saints, during the 3 days that Jesus' body is in the tomb. 
The Victor, by Keith Green
He's Alive! , By Don Francisco

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