Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Jerusalem

 It is so easy to be distracted by all the scary unrest in the world.  It can be difficult to find peace at times, looking at the unstable world situations, as our children are coming of age or will be in the near future.  Have I equipped them to navigate this mess?  Do I feel equipped?  Not really.  The only source of peace is to trust in the Lord and His sovereignty.   I know the Lord is on His throne, regardless of it all.  Everything passes through His hand.  The world stage is not unknown to Him nor is it a surprise.  This is a comfort in times of uncertainty.  And I am reminded that I am to continually prepare my heart and be on watch for His coming. 

 I was reading and thinking of the Church and end times and it reminded me of a beautiful song that my dear friend sang often (when we were young and would take guitars to the beach and watch the sunset and laugh and chat and sing to the Lord.)   It is a song by Jamie Owens Collins called New Jerusalem. It is a beautiful word picture of the Bride of Christ, waiting and watching and ready to meet her bridegroom, in the midst of the world chaos, knowing that He will come for her.

Listen carefully to the words.  Enjoy and be encouraged.


  1. Speaking of NEW Jerusalem,,,

  2. Great teaching... thanks for the link.

  3. Wow! I haven't heard that song in years. Brought back so many memories. My brother and I also sang this one at church. Thanks!