Thursday, January 30, 2014

Daughters of the Faith - Book Series


Daughters of the Faith is a series of 8 books by Wendy Lawton.   They are well written biographies of 8 Christian women, focusing on the events of their childhoods.  Several of these names most have heard of, such as Pocahontas, Harriet Tubman, Phyllis Wheatley, and Mary Bunyan.  But some were new names from familiar events, like the Mayflower.

     From a Holocaust survivor to a freed slave, and several others, the stories are told in order to give an account and testimony to God's hand on these young lives.  I have read many biographies intended for middle school and these are some of my favorite.  They are not typical historical fiction, where a fictional character is plugged into a time or event in history and encounters well know historical people. Instead they are well documented bios on these girls, telling the stories of their real lives and situations.  They are appropriate, yet not too graphic, as they tell the real story of the injustices and hardships that were endured, as well as the powerful way the Lord moved in their lives. The purpose is not so much to tell us about an event in history, although the reader will get familiar with that, but the purpose is more to remind the reader of what God is capable of doing in our lives.  They are a fine combo of history, biography and church. :)
    After I discovered them in CBD and read Karen Andreola's review, I found them at our local library.  They are interesting and engaging enough that I read them as well, and truly enjoyed them.
    Unlike books such as the American Girl series or My America, which are usually geared towards girls, these titles could be enjoyed by boys as well, in the same way that our daughters might read a biography on George Washington Carver or Daniel Boone.  And  while I enjoy historical fiction, I appreciate that these books are based on true events in young lives, and almost all (if not all) of the characters and events in the story are real, which makes for a powerful testimony of God's faithfulness.
  Although they are probably intended for a middle school audience, my 14 yo 9th grader has enjoyed them a lot, and in fact, Shadow of His Hand is one of her favorite books.  It had a tremendous impact on her heart. 
  You can find these titles at CBD or at our local library.  You can read more about each title from the  author's website .

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