Tuesday, February 14, 2012


 Valentine's Day is a day to show those around us that we love them, and to show them in a special way. ( Of coures, our Lord demonstrated the PERFECT way and the PERFECT love, by His death on the cross!).    Our family enjoys homemade valentines, and occasionally flowers and treats make their way into the celebration.  
    While we appreciate any gesture of love from each other on this and any day, we are inspired and challenged by God's Word to show our love EVERY day, according to His description of what that looks like (and it really has nothing to do with flowers and chocolates!).    
 This song is a beautiful definition of LOVE... taken from scripture.  I first heard this song when my dear friend sang it at church about 35 years ago.  And I still sing it in my kitchen as I do dishes, prepare meals, etc.   I hope you are inspired too. 

                                    So, Happy Valentine's Day... God's Way.

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