Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Billy Graham

Dr. Rev. Billy Graham turned 93 yesterday, Nov. 7th.  (That happens to be my husband's birthday too!).   There was a 2 hour special tribute to him on TV and it was sure incredible to look back over his life and see how he has dedicated it to the calling he felt God placed on him.   He has been all over the world and is one of the most respected people by people everywhere.  Truly, it is just amazing that this one man, from one small town, could make such an impact on the world.   There is no doubt that many came to know Jesus through his testimony and preaching of the Word.
   Yet it was also sobering to hear him say, that one price he paid dearly, was time and relationship with his children.  He seemed to question his life's work, just a little, due to that factor.  It was  a bit sad.   Yet, perhaps that is what God asked him to give up, to sacrifice, in order to serve Him.   I don't know that he was aware all along of the toll it would take on his family, as it seemed more of a revelation in his older age, rather than a conscious sacrifice at the time. 
   Hearing him speak of this, made me think about the gift of time with my family and children, but that will be another post.
    For now, a heartfelt Happy Birthday to Billy Graham, and a thank you for his many years of ministry.  

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