Tuesday, October 4, 2011

GoD and DoG

GoD and DoG is a sweet, simple and original song by Wendy Fransisco.  She wrote, illustrated and animated this song.   Wendy is the wife of Don Fransisco, the Christian music artist (very well known in the 1980's), and she was half of the singing group, Wendy & Mary.  Mary Rice Hopkins was the other half.  : )    The music of the Fransiscos has blessed my life and ministered to me deeply over the last 30 years.  I went to my first music concert at a high school in Long Beach, CA, where I listened to Don Fransisco share his amazing testimony and minister in music.   Both Don and Wendy are incredibly gifted at putting scripture stories and Bible passages to music.  Their storytelling through music is amazing.   This particular song is a litte more simple, but still special (especially to someone who really loves God... and dogs).     Enjoy.


  1. How touching! We've just lost our faithful 19 year old puppy. To her last breath, she would 'call' to us if we went out of sight, and gently wag her stub of a tail when we returned and patted her. Truly a picture of the faithfulness of God...

  2. I had fun showing George the video and song.
    (I had seen it before myself.) Fun and certainly thoughtful.

  3. Mumo6... so sorry about your puppy. We also had to put down our 13 yo baby last week. So very hard to do. Yet, so worth having him all these years.

    Lisa... glad you and G. enjoyed the video.