Thursday, September 29, 2011

Waiting For Superman

Someone asked me if I had seen the movie, "Waiting For Superman", which is a documentary on how bad our public schools are doing in educating our children.  Of course, I don't have to be convinced of the failure of our public schools... whether it is academic or political, or spiritual... I would give them an F across the board.  But I do like to be informed, and since I had only heard of the movie, and could not give an informed opinion, I decided to order it from Netflix (which is another post).  Also our local library now carries it.  You can also watch it on YouTube in parts (first two are posted below), or just the trailer (posted above).
  We watched it this past week, and it is a well done documentary, following the lives of 5 children and their families, as they deal with the shortcomings of the public school, and then attempt to attend a public charter school, where admission is done by lottery.   I would offer a different solution to public education (homeschooling), but considering that this movie maker is not even considering homeschooling as an option, it is a revealing and very sad look at the corruption in our schools. 
   There is a lot of information, and I would probably need to watch it again to catch some of the bias and be able to give a better "review", but it is a film that captures your attention.  My husband and son watched it as well, and also were intrigued.   I was glad we saw it, and feel better equipped for a discussion regarding public education. 
  It breaks my heart to see so many families and sweet children, who are trapped in our school system, and are victims of the corruption and greed.   Of course, this film maker and the others who are trying so hard to fix things, don't connect the dots between what we see in our schools and families and the rejection of God in the public square.  They don't realize that without Him, all is really in vain. 
  Once again, I am so incredibly grateful for the blessing and calling of homeschooling. 
You can watch the first part here:



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